Amy P. Abernethy, MD PhD, has built her life around the two pillars of the Good Entertainment Foundation: education and health. Plus, she’s a mom who values the power of media and learning.

When she isn’t helping us make the world better through entertainment, she is a hematologist/oncologist and palliative care physician, and Chief Medical Officer at Flatiron Health, Inc – a health technology company dedicated to fighting cancer through data and computing.

Amy served as a Professor of Medicine in the Duke University School of Medicine until this past year when she made the move to the health tech industry. At Duke for over 20 years, she directed the Center for Learning Health Care in the Duke Clinical Research Institute and the Duke Cancer Care Research Program in the Duke Cancer Institute. Over that time she taught countless students and had over 40 direct mentees at all levels of medicine and clinical research. With over 400 publications, she is an internationally recognized expert in health. Oh yeah, she spent time working at NASA too!

Why is this talented Doc squeezing yet another obligation into her insanely busy (and impressive) schedule? She believes in the mission and knows first hand how much creative and entertaining education means to kids. She became interested in science as a kid, maybe 8 or 9, but was pretty shy about it because her interests felt so different from her friends. When she was 12 she took summer school courses in a program specially designed for kids interested in science and math. She found camaraderie and excitement with people — mostly girls — who also liked science. Here it is, over three decades later, and Amy still recounts how important those summer experiences were, and she wants to help the Good Entertainment Foundation get more kids turned on to science and math.