Len Elmore is an attorney and television personality whose professional experience spans several prestigious law firms, business and public interest endeavors, and the NBA. That’s right, was a 10-year NBA star, a consensus All-American at U the University of Maryland, and the first and only NBA player to graduate from Harvard Law after finishing his NBA Career. So you might say that Len understands the value of education in a big way.

Len beat the odds. Despite growing up in the projects in Brooklyn, Len’s parents and his his high school math teacher - Jack Kuhnert - was also his basketball coach - encouraged him to learn and push himself as far as his talents would allow.

And from there, Len really kept the ball rolling. Len served as an Assistant District Attorney for Kings County (Brooklyn) N.Y. and has held too many positions on boards to even mention them all.

In November 2015, Len will begin his 27th year as a television basketball analyst during which time he has covered both NCAA men's basketball and the NBA.

He has served on the Board of Trustees for University of Maryland, further evidence of his commitment to education. That passion for education also showed up with his involvement with I Hoops, an org using bball to help enhance education. And then there was Len’s tenure at Test U, an education technology company and a leading provider of web-based, customized curriculum, student assessment and standardized test preparation solutions for middle and high school students, particularly those students in urban and otherwise disadvantaged areas. Len is also part of the Knight Commission for Intercollegiate Athletic reform, seeking to re-insert the "student" in "student-athlete".

Len Elmore has taken his life experience and considerable clout and turned it into a legacy of entertaining education, so, of course, he was a natural for the board.